United States immigration program

under the EB-5 program with an investment of $ 900,000
when applying before Desember 20, 2019
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Atalanta is company that specializes on international real estate. Our professionalism and individual, transparent and honest approach to the work with a client helped us to become one of the most successful companies in real estate market.

Our agents understand that buying or selling a home is not just a two bedroom and one bathroom, it could be the neighborhood, the commute or the coffee shop around the corner. We have the agents who know, listen and care.

A talented team of real estate professionals will lead you in your search for the perfect home, or assist you in selling your property.

When you purchase real estate property you acquire more than just a place to live, you procure a lifestyle. Our agents take a personal approach to buying and selling real estate by paying close attention to the needs of their clients and establishing a quality rapport with them.

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EB-5 Visa

Opportunities :
— Obtain a US Green Card (Permit) for an investor and his family in 12-18 months
— Get US citizenship after 5 years of residence
Investment size:
$ 900,000 in a commercial project in the United States that creates at least 10 jobs
Type of Investment:
The most popular investments in the EB-5 program (more than 90%) are real estate projects under construction through Regional Centers (specialized state-accredited companies)
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